jack ma alibaba retour

Jack Ma is back: Alibaba CEO reappears on video after 3 months of silence

Jack Ma has just made a new public appearance. After three months of radio silence, the founder and CEO of Alibaba appeared in a 50-second video. During this videoconference, the billionaire praised the virtues of the Chinese communist regime. Before his disappearance, he had yet openly criticized the power in place in China.

jack ma alibaba back

Jack Ma, who has been missing for nearly three months, has just appeared during a videoconference, report our colleagues from Reuters. The Chinese billionaire was not appeared in public since October 24 latest.

That day, the founder of Alibaba had violently criticized the economic policy of the Middle Empire. Since then he had completely disappeared from radar, which was not his habit. Indeed, Jack Ma regularly appears in public at conferences and other events. The 56-year-old businessman is notably one of the judges of a reality TV show in vogue in Africa.

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Jack Ma extols the merits of the Chinese government

During this videoconference organized by the Jack Ma Foundation, Jack Ma spoke to a hundred teachers from rural areas of China. This is the philanthropic branch of the billionaire’s business. The foundation works in particular to eradicate poverty in China and regularly makes donations to third world countries.

During its appearance, Jack Ma praised the measures put in place by Xi Jinping, leader of the Chinese Communist Party, to help the poorest. The 25th richest man in the world even estimates that China has just entered “in a new phase of development and progress towards common prosperity ”. A speech that contrasts with the last public remarks of the billionaire, who bluntly believed that Chinese policy was “Aging”. Jack Ma also described the Chinese regulator as “Old man’s club”, who “Stifles innovation”.

The appearance of Jack Ma reassured investors. Alibaba’s share on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange climbed 8.52%. Nevertheless, the firm remains in the sights of the Chinese financial authorities. After Jack Ma’s October address, Beijing suspended the IPO of Ant Group, Alibaba’s online bank, claiming monopolistic and anti-competitive practices. Anyway, the entrepreneur claimed that “We will meet again after the end of the COVID-19 epidemic” at the conclusion of his online conference.

Source: Reuters