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iWatch: several tracks to recharge the battery

IWatch - iWatch : plusieurs pistes pour recharger la batterie

IWatch - iWatch : plusieurs pistes pour recharger la batterie


Posted: February 3 2014Updated: February 3, 2014

by Maxime

Apple seeks to develop methods of recharging drums alternatives foriWatch. According to the New York Times, the company is testing different ways to improve the battery life of its future smartwatch.

The Cupertino company would test a wireless charging method using magnetic induction. The latter would be different from the technology used by Nokia smartphones, which can be recharged through a charging plate producing a magnetic field using an electric current.

IWatch - iWatch: several ways to recharge the batteryOn the other hand, Apple could use the curved glass screen of the iWatch to include a layer of solar recharge. Thanks to solar energy, the battery could be charged during the day. Also according to the New York Times, the American giant has patented a flexible battery that could “ easily pair with a flexible solar panel layer ‘‘.

A final way to charge this iWatch could be using a gesture. The battery could be charged as soon as the user swings his hand.