iWatch: a concept in iPhone 6 design

Concept iWatch iPhone 6 - iWatch : un concept au design iPhone 6


Posted: September 8 2014Updated: November 4, 2014

by Martin

A few days ago, Samsung unveiled the Gear S, a new smartwatch These include an integrated SIM card, a 2-inch curved Amoled screen (360 x 480 pixels) and a 1 GHz dual-core processor. WhileApple should lift the veil on theiWatch during his keynote for tomorrow, the famous designer Martin Hajek created a concept of the watch based on rumors concerning the design of the next Iphone 6 of the brand.

IWatch iPhone 6 concept - iWatch: an iPhone 6 concept

The iWatch Hajek version is similar to the Gear S in its square shape. In addition, the device includes a camera and several buttons, similar to those found on an iPhone. The designer also seems to think that the device will have a metal body and that it will therefore require antenna bands, for optimal receptivity.

Black iwatch concept - iWatch: a concept in iPhone 6 design

Obviously, the iWatch will be different from the one shown in these images. Indeed, unlike the iPhone 6 concepts based on various rumors, no one yet knows what Apple’s smartwatch will look like. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on this concept in the comments. As always with Martin Hajek, you can download 3D models at this address.