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ITV: soon to start production?

ITV: soon to start production?

Digitimes reported on Tuesday that several sources confirmed preparations for the production of an Apple TV in early 2012. According to the same sources, the new product would be on the market next year.

According to this new rumor, launched by Digitimes Taiwan, which reports information revealed by several sources “of the medium”, the new Apple iTV would be planned for the second or third quarter 2012. It would indeed be an HDTV and not not just a simple box, and preparations for the production of the various accessories would start in January 2012.

As a reminder, the rumor is that this iTV is composed of a screen produced by Sharp, 32 55 ″ (against 32 and 37 ″ according to the source today), a Samsung chip and various components produced by the other Asian partners of the American brand.

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Source: AppleInsider