ITV production is said to have started

ITV production is said to have started

According to several sources working in Foxconn's production lines, the Chinese manufacturer has started production of the famous iTV, Apple TV.

Rumored for months, if not years, iTV may well become a reality by the end of 2012 if this new rumor from Foxconn production chains is to be believed. According to several sources, Foxconn has started production of a series of test models that should allow Apple to determine whether it wants to go further or drop the market.

As a reminder, the iTV would be a flat screen TV that can be controlled by Siri as well as with a traditional remote control, benefiting from an aluminum finish and running on iOS. Of course, it goes without saying that none of these features has been formalized, and that this is more an extrapolation based on rumors than factual information. Note, however, that while most analysts believe that iTV should arrive in this form in late 2012 / early 2013, some do not hesitate to say that iTV will be much more than just television …

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(Source: BGR)