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iTunes Wifi Music Store …

Having an iphone with the latest update, I have access to the wifi store, the apple store directly on my phone.

Since I have 10 free songs every two months to download (sometimes having a Belgacom adsl line may be fine), I therefore tested this application.

Nothing to say, it's all spit Apple. Well done, very easy to use, great art what! Once clicked on the iTunes wifi icon, you are on the news page and you have access to iTunes rankings, search mode and a “downloads” tab to “see” the songs already acquired.

If you click on search a bar appears and barely typed two letters that iTunes already offers artists or albums (useful when you don't know the name of the last fashion singer out of Star Ac). Once you have finally found the artist you are looking for, you can "click" on the cover and you will have 30 seconds of listening time to the proposed title. To the right of the cover and the title is the price of the song. If you click on it, “Buy Now” appears, you tap on it and the iPhone asks for your password.

Here is the latest fashion mp3 download on the iPhone. And on top of that, it's pretty fast! After the phone offers you to go see your purchases. And you can listen willingly.

Here is an image of the wifi store, we see the second pocket returns because it is in “listen” mode for 30 seconds. And it's on the right price that you click to buy it.

Now when you sync your iphone to your mac, the mp3 is directly “sent” to the computer.

Nothing could be simpler, it's child's play 🙂

@ xavibook