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iTunes Match: not before 2012 in Europe

iTunes Match: not before 2012 in Europe

According to Telegraph, the iTunes Match feature could not land in Europe until next year. The British daily says that negotiations between Apple and the majors' local subsidiaries have just started in our country and could only be concluded early next year.

As a reminder, iTunes Match is an integral part of Apple’s new iCloud service. This feature will identify songs not purchased from Apple’s online store to benefit from the same functionality as those that have been, to work with iCloud. The identified songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Store application directly to your iPhone and iPad and with a sound quality of 256Kbps, without any DRM. For songs not identified by the iCloud service, these songs will be downloaded to your iPhone and iPad directly from your Mac (or PC). This service, priced at $ 24.99 / year, is slated to launch in the fall and in the United States initially.

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(Source: The Telegraph )