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iTunes Match is available in Belgium

iTunes Match is available in Belgium

While a few clues had put our ear to the ear in recent days, Apple has finally launched iTunes Match all over Europe, offering those who wish a cloud backup service for access to their music library.

Launched in the United States last November, the new service from Apple iTunes Match is launching today in Europe! The concept of Match couldn't be simpler, since it relies on cloud backups that allow you to access your music library from anywhere and on any device. For 24.99 per year you can therefore access your entire music catalog without having to store it directly on your iPhone, iPad or even computer.

The cloud saves all your songs purchased on iTunes beforehand, which are instantly available on Match, then analyzes the songs available on your computer and thus updates your collection on the cloud. For songs that are not yet available on iTunes, Apple suggests that you add them by yourself to the Cloud so that you can then use them from any device. An alternative that should appeal to lovers of Indie labels.

The interest for the consumer is twofold, since on the one hand, he no longer necessarily needs to have a device with a large memory capacity to store his music, and can listen to it directly from the Cloud, and that, in addition, adding music is natural and is facilitated by the automatic addition of iTunes tracks. No need to spend hours continuously updating your tracklist before going on weekends with friends for example. iTunes Match can be activated from iTunes under the Shortcuts item.

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