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iTunes Match available soon?

iTunes Match available soon?

Last year Steve Jobs introduced iTunes Match to the general public and the service landed a few months later in the US. Since then, we have had no news of the arrival of Cloud Storage in Europe, but it seems that Apple is in the process of finalizing the details before a proper launch.

The iTunes Match is a Cloud Storage service that allows you to store your music on servers and be able to access them from anywhere in the world and from any device. In the United States, the service has been available for a while, but Apple has so far had little indication of the availability of the service in the rest of the world.

If the American glove has not yet communicated its subject, our colleagues at have noticed that it is now possible to subscribe to the service from any country. In the Eurozone countries, the subscription costs 24.99 per year, while our English cousins ​​will have to pay 21.99. As noted by the site in question, the system does not yet work but allows registration, which has not been possible so far and seems to demonstrate the imminent arrival of iTunes Match in Europe.

We are talking about it on the forum.