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iTunes 12.6: Apple releases version and withdraws functionality


Posted: March 28 2017
Updated: March 29, 2017

by benjamin

Last Tuesday, Apple posted iTunes 12.6 for Windows and Mac computers. Subsequently, the Cupertino company released a new minor update stamped, which removed functionality available on the previous one. According to information from MacRumors, the apple brand would have mistakenly added this option, which explains why it was removed in the second update.

Following the release of iTunes 12.6, a user noticed an option to display a playlist on a profile. The profiles are still absent from the player and manager of digital media content from Apple, the presence of this feature was rather strange.

itunes 12.6 Error - iTunes 12.6: Apple releases version and withdraws functionalityAccording to some sources, adding this playlist option would be a mistake on the part of the American giant. It would be a module still under design which could be available on the next version of Apple’s software. The appearance of profiles on future versions of iTunes is also announced.

The new version 12.6 arrives with some new features, including the possibility of renting a film on a device and being able to watch it on other media. An option available with terminals running iOS 10.3 or tvOS 10.2. Before this update, a rented movie was only accessible on one device.