iTunes 11: Towards a full rewrite of the application

iTunes 11: Towards a full rewrite of the application

Since its launch in 2001, the iTunes jukebox has welcomed new features such as the iTunes Store, the App Store, synchronization with all kinds of iPod, iPhone and iPad and continues to be the reference software for reading music on Mac OS X and Windows.

These developments did not, however, allow the software to gain power. On the contrary, since he has often been singled out for his slowness over generations. Mac OS X Lion nonetheless brings a start of change with the availability of iTunes 10.4 and full compatibility with 64-bit processors. Despite the upcoming release of iTunes 10.5, expected at the same time as iOS 5 in September, this version should not change much the current state of the software.

This should evolve since it is rumored that Apple is working on a major version of iTunes, stamped 11. The redesign of the application should be complete since a completely new interface would be implemented, whether for playing music only for browsing the iTunes Store. Apple’s online store currently looks like a secure website that should evolve into a completely redesigned interface. In addition, iCloud should be fully integrated with iTunes 11.

iTunes 10.5, currently in the development phase with developers, would therefore only be a transition solution to iTunes 11.

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