iTunes 11: Apple tests and iOS 6 support

iTunes - Apple va améliorer iTunes pour sa prochaine mise à jour


Posted: April 11 2012Updated: October 31, 2012

by Hacker59

As is the case every year during this period, Apple is in the midst of work to release a major update for its iOS mobile operating system which we should hear about during WWDC 2012.

To make computers compatible with this new mount, the firm will offer as it does each time, a new version of its iTunes software.

iTunes - iTunes 11: Apple Tests and iOS 6 Support

The 9to5Mac site had the chance to test a pre-version of iTunes 11 which is currently distributed internally at Apple.

According to the site for the moment the changes are mostly invisible but “Apple is developing different portions of the software in separate groups, the new version will likely incorporate changes to the user interface.”

The only change visible in these first builds of iTunes 11 concerns iCloud. The cloud service now has its own preferences panel where settings for iTunes Match, iTunes in the cloud and iCloud iOS backups are grouped.