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iTunes 11.1.5 is available

Apple iTunes - iTunes 11.1.5 est disponible

Apple iTunes - iTunes 11.1.5 est disponible


Posted: February 26 2014Updated: March 7, 2016

by Martin

Just over a month after version 11.1.4 (read: iTunes 11.1.4 is available), Apple just made available iTunes 11.1.5 for Windows and Mac computer users.

Apple iTunes - iTunes 11.1.5 is availableThis new update does not make any major changes to music and media management in the app, but fixes an annoying bug that can cause iTunes to crash when a device is connected to the computer. In addition, the upgrade fixes a minor compatibility issue with iBooks on Mac on OS X Mavericks.

iTunes 11.1.5 can be downloaded now through the Mac App Store or from the official Apple website at this address. For those who are waiting for iTunes Radio, it will still take a few weeks to several months to see the service arrive in France.