it's the end of production

it's the end of production

The Redmond group gave a taste of its new platform Windows 10 last week, demonstrating how much it has to bring together all electronic devices, from smartphones to PCs to tablets.

On this point, precisely, the range Surface Pro will benefit from the migration to the new operating system (with adjustments linked to the evolution of the hardware) while the series Surface RT / Surface 2 Windows RT should only get a more modest and likely cosmetic update.

Microsoft Surface 2 logo

From these announcements, it appears that the fate of Windows RT is badly engaged, whereas Microsoft remains at the same time its editor and its last support as a manufacturer of material. With the focus now on the Surface Pro line, Microsoft has announced that it is no longer manufacturing tablets Surface 2, originally launched in fall 2013.

As for the last product under Windows RT marketed, the cessation of its production also signals the end of this version of the OS which has never really found its audience, after having been widely decried by the specialized press for its lack applications and its limitations compared to Windows 8.

The Surface RT had cost a lot of unsold items in Microsoft's financial statement and the Surface 2, while obtaining better results, could not modify the perception towards this category of product. Make way for Windows 10 which must unite everything.