It’s done: Free bought Alice

Free tackles AliceBox “tax loopholes”

A lovely coupleAfter a little less than three months of negotiations (Free will buy Alice), Iliad and Telecom Italia have just finalized the sale of Alice France to the French group.

775 million euros

It is by press release that Iliad also announces the final amount of the transaction: 775 million euros. Iliad also specifies that the transaction could still be subject to a limited, downward adjustment.

With the acquisition of Alice, Free will thus expand its subscriber base by 850,000 additional homes and assert itself as the first alternative operator on the ADSL market.It is a technology allowing access to broadband internet directly by your telephone line. For this, we use part of … in France, ahead of N9uf, with around four million subscribers and an estimated market share of 25.5%.