It’s confirmed, it’s not possible to get married to your laptop

It's confirmed, it's not possible to get married to your laptop

Image 1: It is confirmed, it is not possible to get married to your laptop

Last year, a man surprised everyone by marrying his smartphone in Las Vegas. Chris Sevier also wants to embark on this unlikely union, but with his laptop, as reported by the American channel Fox 13. However, the project met with refusal from the county of Utah.

Chris Sevier brought the case to court, citing a violation of his fundamental rights. The Assistant Attorney General of Utah, David Wolf, defended himself by highlighting the absurdity of the complaint. Indeed, a marriage must be between two consenting people. He also clarified that the Utah County refusal was in no way motivated by a ” discrimination based on sexual preference for machines

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The complainant is already used to this type of court case. In 2013, he sued Apple because its devices could read adult content. Then, he continued on the same register by attacking the access providers. Chris Sevier then wanted them to install automatic filters against adult sites.

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