It’s Black Friday every day at Smartagogo!

Image 1 : C’est Black Friday tous les jours chez Smartagogo !

This newcomer to the world of high-tech e-commerce offers a large selection of high-end smartphones and touch tablets at bargain prices. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi… they are all there, with the same services as when they are sold at a high price by other stores.

A new smartphone at the price of refurbished ? Would that tell you? So go to Smartagogo, an online store specializing in high-tech products that opened in early 2019. You can shop there at unbeatable prices, among other things, a large selection of exclusive offers on smartphones Apple and Samsung brand.

Image 1: It's Black Friday every day at Smartagogo!

In addition to prices worthy of a real permanent Black Friday, Smartagogo also offers an avalanche of high-end services to support its offers. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it has to be worse!

Priority to services

Delivery service first. It allows you all the pressing desires and urgent needs in case your old smartphone is lost or stolen and you have to buy another one as quickly as possible. The merchant provides, in fact, that if you place your order before 6 p.m., he agrees to proceed with thenext day product shipment, for a reception at home, within 48 hours. And this, thanks to the service of express delivery in 24h insured by UPS.

The icing on the cake, delivery is offered to Tom’s Guide readers with the code: TOMS1.

A right of withdrawal of 60 days!

But where this shop is very strong is that it allows any buyer to return the product for a period of 60 days from receipt thereof, while the law usually imposes a period of 14 days . In addition, no conditions are required, because, for Smartagogo, you have the right to make a mistake (of model, color, brand or capacity, for example) or simply to change your mind.

Image 2: It's Black Friday every day at Smartagogo!

That’s it ? Did you receive the smartphone of your dreams? Customer service will continue to assist you in the event of a problem (even if this happens relatively rarely on high-end smartphone models) or if you have questions about using the smartphone.

All customers have the possibility of contacting Smartagogo customer service through a contact form with a guaranteed response within 24 hours. Weekends and holidays included! In the event of a major glitch or defect in the equipment, all products benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty, throughout the European Union.

And if you still doubt the quality of the service, we can only invite you to go see for yourself on the page Trusted Shops Smartagogo customer feedback and ratings, which give it an excellent score of 4.85 / 5. We can hardly do better!

Image 3: It's Black Friday every day at Smartagogo!

This article is a publication sponsored by Smartagogo.