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ITC opens investigation against Apple for patent infringement


The United States International Trade Commission has announced a new investigation against Apple and other companies for alleged infringement of certain patents.


The complaint was first filed by Irish company Neodron, who accused Apple and other companies of violating certain patents on touchscreen devices. In addition to Apple, Amazon, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft and Sony also end up being investigated by ITC.

With this complaint, Neodron is requesting a limit exclusion order and compensation for licenses not paid for today. ITC has investigated the complaint and will now initiate an official investigation against Apple and other affected companies, although it has yet to make a final decision on the matter.

All of the patents in question relate to mobile devices, computers and capacitive touch control components and related technologies.

Neodron does not manufacture any products because it is a patent troll that has acquired several patents and is trying to obtain significant compensation from large companies. Unlike other previous complaints, however, ITC this time considered the complaint filed in February.