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Italian employees have the opportunity to work from home

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has given employees in multiple countries the opportunity to work from home and announced new policies in light of the coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus - Apple employees

Apple confirmed in an internal note that they could work from home until March 13. This concerns several countries: France, Italy, South Core, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as Bloomberg reports.

Apple had already given employees in Silicon Valley this opportunity, before being extended to other parts of the world. In Italy, Today at Apple sessions continue to be suspended in various stores. In the rest of the world, Apple limits access to its stores. In addition, meetings at the Genius Bar are also limited to avoid congestion.

From a business management perspective, Apple is implementing various types of changes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among employees who cannot stop traveling or working from their desk even during this time. In any case, the company will also guarantee full wages to employees forced to stay at home.