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it will be compatible with iOS 8.2

it will be compatible with iOS 8.2

Taig will have surprised the hacking scene of iOS by becoming the first tool to unlock iOS 8.1.1 on Apple terminals. Quickly the hacker team made a name for itself, with however some reproaches like the installation of its market of sponsored applications, or the exploitation in the haste of faults which could be subsequently blocked by Apple in more significant updates.

Jailbreak-iOS-8.1.1-TaiG In an interview, XN, an active member of the TaiG team, mentions the lack of recognition of American users regarding the team of Chinese origin. After the release of their first jailbreak tool, the discovery of a Chinese application portal raised doubts about the motivations and the security of the data.

But now according to him, the group's image is changing, and the world is increasingly accepting that China too is behind exploits in the field of international piracy in the service of the user community.

Contrary to the accusations launched by the other teams having worked on other jailbreak tools, he indicates not to profit financially from the tool currently proposed.

To reassure users, he also confirms that the Beta 3 of iOS 8.2 is already compatible with the tool in place, and that there is no reason why iOS 8.2 in final version should present any particular difficulty for the jailbreak.

The team currently has enough exploitable flaws to ensure the functioning of a jailbreak method in case Apple comes to plug the most obvious exploited at this time.