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It offers an iPad to find a CDI

iPad 4: Amazon attacks its Retina display

iPad 4The job market in France is not always easily accessible for young graduates, so there are many initiatives by candidates to create buzz.

The most recent indirectly concerns Apple. Matthieu Bernhard is a 25-year-old Parisian lawyer looking for a job and to be talked about, he offers an iPad against an open-ended contract.

"I sell / give a new Apple iPad 4 16GB, in blister and never used. The price is set at € 1 subject to the granting of a firm permanent contract by in-house lawyer."

Questioned by Le Figaro, the young Parisian readily admits that he was also looking to make a little buzz, to facilitate his job search, because his sector is particularly blocked.

"The job offers for lawyers are not made for young people, since most require five years of professional experience, a requirement that puts aside all young graduates in this sector."

The daily recalls, moreover, thata Toulousain had offered a kidney, in exchange for a job, in 2009.