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Israeli company says it can access any locked iPhone or iPad


Posted: June 17, 2019
Updated: June 16, 2019

by Steve

Beware of your device! Apple Although it is known to make its customers benefit from greater security than phones of other brands and other operating systems, it does not prevent certain geniuses manage to circumvent the measures of the apple brand … C is for example the case of Cellebrite, an Israeli company specializing in the field, which ensures being able to access data from any iPhone or iPad. And this, be it on iOS 7 or iOS 12.3, the latest update.

Cellebrite had already designed a tool to access locked iPhones in iOS 11 and previous firmware. On its site, the company therefore ensures that it knows how to bypass the protections established by Apple, in order to be able to make a copy of the data on the iPhone. “Access data from third-party applications, conversations, emails and attachments, deleted content and more,” wrote Cellebrite. The company does not detail anything about the security vulnerabilities used: Apple will not correct them, like that.

Cellebrite is not in the bad guys camp. She regularly offers her services to the police and governments who require access to data from a iPhone protected by the Touch ID where the Face ID. Obviously, these services are chargeable.