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Is your iPhone well guaranteed? …

This is indeed the question we are asking ourselves, since the last twists and turns, amply detailed in our lines including the Trends-Trends survey or, the “fiasco” of this guarantee , both released in recent weeks!

Following this set of facts, we finally managed to get our hands on the Warranty conditions, as provided by Mobistar. It is very likely that you have never been able to read it and for good reason; not only these are not found on the site Mobistar, but in addition these were not presented to you when you bought in store or online!

It is worth remembering that iPhones, all countries combined, have a limited warranty ofa year! This one so many application in the country of origin of your device! To convince yourself, simply return this address [Apple Maintenance Assistant] and after entering the serial number and the origin, you will immediately see the exact end of warranty date within the twelve month period!

TheBelgian iPhone as for him, sees his extended warranty two years but this extension is all done inexistent in the eyes of the Cupertino company. In view of the many concerns encountered in Belgium when it comes to asserting the benefits of the guarantee, you might as well say that this second year may well increase the number of dissatisfied people considerably!

The most deplorable fact in this case is that if you bought your iPhone in Belgium and you want to return it after a defect, there is two intermediaries [[Mobistar – Dynafix] between you and the builder! Unlike other countries where you are in direct contact with the manufacturer's support Apple! Obviously this state of affairs is the result of a very close negotiation at the origin between Apple and Mobistar, and which certainly enabled the latter to obtain more financial compensation!

At a time when we have serious doubts about the effectiveness of such a guarantee on Belgian territory, we have the impression that our neighbors French, or English, are significantly better off in this area and for good reason:

  • A direct contact with Apple technical support!
  • A replacement iphone during the entire repair of your device, for the sum of 29!
  • A warranty return does not require not necessarily proof of purchase since the information available Apple [manufacturing date – online activation date] are sufficient to determine your warranty coverage …
  • No quote fees any [the famous 40], in case of refusal by the customer of an out-of-warranty repair!
  • A pick-up and drop-off service, billed at 11.96, if your iPhone does not fall under the warranty

In short, a set of conditions much more flexible than those imposed by our Belgian intermediaries, and which may well tempt some future buyers of our cons!

Your comments are obviously expected on the forum…

[[Apple Maintenance Assistant]