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Is the SnapDragon 815 processor cooler than the SnapDragon 810?

The question of processor overheating SnapDragon 810 has occupied people's minds in recent months, asking the question of the reception of Qualcomm's high-end chip in manufacturers' reference smartphones and the significant financial consequences in the event of rejection.

SnapDragon Since then, it has emerged that if Samsung has chosen to prefer its own Exynos 7 processors in its Galaxy S6, other manufacturers have opted for the SnapDragon 810 in their models, such as LG and its LG G Flex 2 or HTC on the HTC One M9.

Despite everything, if the latter, in its final version, no longer heats as much as before, it may be at the price of a slight performance compromise which is observed in the first tests of the smartphone, even if that does not detract from the qualities of the terminal.

And if the SnapDragon 810 can get hot, its variant SnapDragon 815 should correct the shot. This platform has not yet been formalized but has already appeared in a supposed roadmap (and not completely correct or somewhat dated) at the beginning of the year.

There is a reference to a SnapDragon 815 octocore SoC in big.LITTLE configuration but always with ARM Cortex A53 and A57 cores and with an Adreno 450 GPU which could play the intermediate versions before the arrival of the SnapDragon 820 and his special hearts Kryo, which was pre-announced during the MWC 2015 fair in Barcelona in early March.

SnapDragon 815

And according to documents obtained by STJS Gadgets Portal, thermal measurements taken during the execution of the game Asphalt 8: Airborne (resource intensive) suggest that under similar conditions, the SnapDragon 815 processor will heat much less than the current SnapDragon 810, and even probably less than the SnapDragon 801 from 2014.

As the SnapDragon 815 SoC does not yet have an official existence, it remains to be seen whether this initial information will materialize in the final processor.