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Is the new iPad Pro 2018 easily foldable?

We often tend to leave our Tablet just about anywhere and it can happen to the most clumsy to sit on it by mistake … JerryRigEverything just posted a video on its YouTube channel to test the strength of the new iPad Pro Apple 2018. Result: the device folds and breaks relatively easily.

iPad Pro 2018 Fold in Half 739x416 - Is the new iPad Pro 2018 easily foldable?

In the video shared on his YouTube channel, Jerry had fun mistreating the new Apple tablet to test its resistance. Regarding the chassis, JerryRigEverything managed, without forcing too much, to fold the iPad Pro of 2018 in half. We therefore advise you to be careful, as a little too strong pressure can have irreversible consequences. In addition, the Apple Pencil also seems easy to break in half. Given the price of this accessory, it is advisable to have a cover to protect it.

YouTuber Jerry also conducted other tests: the disassembly of the new Apple Pencil, the resistance of the screen and the aluminum shell to scratches, the resistance of the screen to fire as well as the resistance of the camera. at the back with stripes. Given the price of this tablet (the price starts at 899 euros), you should take special care.