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If on paper, iRoot has everything from the perfect software to root your Android device, in practice it is more complicated. The application and the software have not been updated for several months, which is not very reassuring for the user. We therefore recommend that you turn to other solutions.

iRoot is well-known software for Android hackers. In particular, it allows any average user to root their phone or tablet in a few seconds. To do this, the software comes in two versions: one on Windows (which will require a computer) and another on Android directly.

As part of this test, we will focus on the Android version. This is the one that will be the easiest for the user to use directly.

How to install iRoot?

First, before installing iRoot, there is one thing to check: that your phone is not in a version higher than Android 5.0. Indeed, the official site indicates that it is not compatible in higher versions. For safety, we therefore recommend that you turn to other alternative solutions if you are not in this case.

However, it should be noted that the application is in theory still updated at present, but this is not always the case with the information on the official site. When you roam your phone, you perform a sensitive manipulation. It is for this reason that we recommend that you do not take any risks with the prerequisites.

If your phone is nonetheless compatible, then all you need to do is download the APK installation file for the application. Once on your device, you will need to select it in your file manager and proceed with the installation. It only takes a few seconds.

What is the point of using this application?

In reality, iRoot is very easy to use and quite effective. The developers also add that there is a security which allows before launching the procedure, to verify that everything will work. If there is any problem, root will be impossible.

However, it cannot be said that the utility revolutionizes the genre. Like its competitors, just launch the application, click on the “Root” button. Please note that the application requires many rights such as reading SMS, when this is not necessary.

Another negative point: the application is not translated into French and some parts are not even in English.

You will understand, if iRoot was rather promising it is actually very different. The application is dated and does not support in particular the latest versions of Android. It is obvious that alternative solutions like KingRoot will be better. We will have to see what the next versions will give.