iReveilPro2 free on the App Store today!

iReveilPro2 free on the App Store today!

Alexandre Pestre, the creator of diReveilPro, let us know that he is offering his iReveilPro2 application for free this Monday.

In addition to the alarm clock with the radio (more than 300 radios available in more than 20 countries) and in addition to the alarm clock with your favorite songs or playlist, iReveilPro2 offers the possibility of waking you up with a sound and even a sound recorded by yourself. . Imagine waking your spouse with Happy Birthday, my dear, or have your children wake up every morning. Let yourself be imagined.

Main features of the iReveilPro2 application:

– Alarm clock with application in background and same application closed in push mode in case of forgetting to launch the application. – The largest choice of alarm mode: Digital radios (more than 300, new player with display of titles when available ), Music from iPod with choice Playlist (the only one), Recording of personalized alarm clocks in the application, more than 20 pre-recorded sounds. – Programming of several hours of alarm with activation on the days of the week configurable with for each one a different wake up mode possible.– Fall asleep with the radio and wake up a playlist or the opposite.– A precise and fast weather forecast: 24 hour weather forecast worldwide, with forecasts for 3 days for France, Switzerland and Belgium.– GPS localization for your town's weather forecast. – Anniversary reminder (those from the address book and FaceBook when you wake up) .– Publication of your wake-up time on Facebook.– Personalization of your ra dios preferred.– Superb HD / SD displays day and night mode configurable (4 different themes) .– Display portrait or landscape mode day and night.– Flashlight by simple shake with flash management of the iPhone 4.– Ultra precise and scalable help with visibility on the evolution of the application. – Localized English version.

Download iReveil2Pro2 on the App Store.

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