iReveilPro2: 50 licenses won (closed)

iReveilPro2: 50 licenses won (closed)

For people who appreciate being awakened by their iPhone, Alexandre Pestre, the creator diReveilPro2 has just made available a new version of its application on the App Store.

iReveilPro2 V1.12 incorporates the following new features:

– Multi-time programming with different sounds. – Facebook integration with birthday reminders of your alarm clock contacts (with display of a status that can be modified by alarm clock). – HD themes. – Configuration of display fonts. – New “day mode” ”Horizontal.– Always more radios.

As a reminder, iReveilPro2 is the possibility of waking up with the radio (more than 300 radios available in more than 20 countries) or with sound and even sound recorded by yourself.

The Sleep function is always present. There is a trick to fall asleep with a radio and wake up with a song or playlist.

You can also find the weather around the world in iReveilPro2 with the possibility of location, detailed over 3 days for more than 10,000 French, Belgian and Swiss cities. You have for 4 days weather information, morning, noon, afternoon and evening, in rolling information.

Download iReveilPro2 on the App Store (0.79).

The contest is over! The 50 winners were contacted by email. Thank you for participating and very soon for a new contest!