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Ireland: employee admits stealing € 27,000 of Apple products


Posted: May 11, 2017
Updated: May 11, 2017

by Paul

Eoin Giles, a 21 year old Irish employee working in the computer store PC World, admitted having stolen € 27,000 of Apple products at his workplace. Brought to Dublin criminal court, he pleaded guilty and confessed to stealing 21 MacBook, 6 Apple Watch and 7 iPad Pro in order to resell them. Before the court, he described “stupid”His fraudulent technique to earn money.

PC world dublin - Ireland: employee admits stealing € 27,000 of Apple productsThe facts took place last year. After finding that a large quantity of Apple products had disappeared, the store called the police. An investigation was launched and the video surveillance tapes were examined. These have proven Eoin Giles’ guilt. In fact, the man was seen removing stocks from the reserve in a manner “suspicious”.

After his arrest, the employee admitted the facts with which he was charged. He kept a MacBook for his personal use and sold the rest to a man named Muhammed Amjad, for an initial price of € 2,000. The latter then had to give him an additional € 10,000 after the sale of the products. If Muhammed was sentenced to 18 months in prison, Eoin will only be sentenced in two months. Time for him to collect the money claimed by his former employer …