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Iran to allow iPhone import

iphone iran - L

iphone iran - L

It’s rare to see Apple finding itself at the heart of a political problem, but with the recent opening of theIran in the world, the Apple firm is more than ever in the spotlight. Indeed, having a iPhone or simply a product Apple is banned in Iran today. Their import and marketing is blocked, and to enter their possession, users fans of the brand must go through obscure paths. This situation is about to change.

Iran is preparing to allow the import of iPhone into its territory, while Apple phones have long been banned. A few days ago, an official media, in this case the news agency Tasnim, announced the good news, announcing the imminent issue of nine Iranian companies with licenses to import iPhones. If for the moment, there is no question of the opening of a physical Apple Store, it is important to remember that there have long been clandestine Apple stores, sometimes selling unofficial products or counterfeits.

iPhone Iran - Iran to Allow iPhone ImportIt is therefore to curb this intermittent flow of fake products that the Iranian authorities have decided to officially open the telecom market to the iPhone. It is important to also note that the government was sort of back to the wall, given the fact that it has spent a great deal in recent months to campaign against this smuggling, which has pushed up the prices of iPhones. The results of the campaign were also inconclusive.

Thus, in the coming days, the Iranian authorities will launch a new management system for Apple’s telecom fleet in their territory, in particular by allowing owners of legally imported iPhones to continue using them. This new system will be based on the registration of mobile phones entering the country.