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Simple and free, the Android IPTV application allows you to watch live TV channels using IP television. Despite untimely advertisements, the application is simple to use and available in French.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is a television by IP allowing to watch simple television channels thanks to an Internet connection and to the channels offered by its Internet service provider or from free channels. In most cases, the list of channels offered is available in the form of M3U playlists and allows you to see live channels as well as the detailed list of programs.

What does this application offer?

The free IPTV Android application allows you to watch TV via IPTV using the identifiers provided by the user’s supplier. The application supports playlists in M3U and XSPF formats, history of saved playlists as well as a more or less detailed view of TV channels. In addition, parental controls allow you to apply a PIN code to protect access to TV channels and playlists.

To go further, it is possible to play multicast streams on several devices using a UDP proxy already installed on the network, either under Windows, Linux or directly on the router.

The version Pro paid allows you to do without ads and offers several additional features such as automatic reconnection.

How to configure IPTV?

When launching the application, simply enter the URL address of its IPTV playlist or choose an M3U or XSPF file on your device. After a few seconds, the list of available channels appears on the screen as well as any information on the current programs.