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IPod out of stock in Apple Stores

IPod out of stock in Apple Stores

According to our information, it is difficult to still get hold of one of the devices in the iPod range in the Apple Stores. Another sign of the imminent renewal of these products.


Apple has a habit of stopping the marketing of its products a few days before their renewal. A habit that seems to be confirmed even today with the stock shortage that would affect the entire iPod range. According to one of our sources in Paris, it is currently impossible to buy an iPod – all models combined – in an Apple Store. Our source shows: “While I was about to buy a new iPod on my son, I went to the Apple Store at the Carrousel du Louvre Paris”, he explains, “Peeping at the iPod nano model, I was told that this model was out of stock”, and to specify, “A shortage which Apple staff say affects all apple stores”. Mrs. Bell with regard to the other models, "Faced with the iPod nano out of stock, I fell back on the iPod touch, which was sold at a higher price, but the latter was also out of stock.", he explains and conclude that the reason for this stock shortage remains unresolved for the customer who is not particularly interested in the news, "I was told that these products were out of stock but they (Apple staff, editor's note) did not explain the reason to me", he concludes.

End of August, iPod nano stocks were already lowest in the United States. The reason? "Apple has cut orders for new models in order to start production of a new version of its mp3 player," said one specialist, adding, “The scheme is scrupulously identical every year. Apple is decreasing orders for old models and replacing them with new models. ” More than ever, everything seems to indicate that the American firm is about to renew its line-up of iPod products, in addition to the iPhone.

Towards the arrival of a radically different iPod nano?

Concept of the iPod nano vintage 2012 DR

While the diPod range is clearly no longer a priority for Apple (sales decline from year to year), the latter nevertheless continues the development of its digital music players and could this year offer a completely revised diPod nano model. At least that’s what the Japanese blog recently said Macotakara which claims that after having abandoned the rectangular format in 2010 in favor of a square format which notably allows it to be worn as a watch – Apple could offer a completely redesigned design for the 2012 vintage of iPod nano. Indeed, the design of the latter would now be close to the iPod touch in dimensions that would therefore be more compact and less weight. The next iPod nano could therefore have a Home button and could therefore appear… diPod Touch miniature. It remains to be seen whether the new generation of iPod nano will be a simple update or a real overhaul of the concept.

In-depth changes for iPod touch

Concept of the iPod touch vintage 2012 DR

The fifth generation of the iPod touch, it could also bring its share of interesting changes, reports the same source. Thus, the new iPod touch should integrate a screen of 4 (the same as that of iPhone 5), an A5 processor, 512 MB of RAM and a better photo sensor. Specifications that would therefore be taken from the iPhone 4S launched in October of last year. A lot of changes are also expected aesthetically. Indeed, the future device should have a rear shell in brushed aluminum, exit so the back of the camera with the mirror effect. A rear hull which tended to scratch easily. As a glimpse of his prediction, the blog Macotakara made a mockup. Strangely, we can see a hole placed at the bottom of the rear hull, without anyone knowing what it is dedicated to. Finally, the next iPod touch would be offered in two new colors, black and white.

Appointment this Wednesday evening for confirmation.

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