IPhones 2020 could have a new image stabilizer

Image 1 : Les iPhones 2020 pourraient disposer d’un nouveau stabilisateur d’image

If the iPhone has an optical stabilization system, this could change in the next generation of Apple smartphones replacing the displacement of the lens by a displacement of the entire sensor.

Image 1: The iPhones 2020 could have a new image stabilizer

As we mentioned at the announcement of the iPhone 11, Apple is betting everything on photography to guarantee an excellent level of sales on its smartphones. This new change still goes in this direction.

Towards a new optical stabilizer in the next iPhones

We owe the information to our colleagues from Digitimes. According to them, Apple would change the principle of photo sensor stabilization of the next generation of iPhones. In the current system, The lens moves. In the new mentioned here, the whole sensor is moving, thereby erasing hand tremors. For the moment, nothing indicates which solution offers better results.

It is certain that if Apple goes in this direction, it is that the mark finds its interest there. There could be multiple reasons. The apple firm may seek to improve optical quality. This would go in the direction of the recent acquisition of the startup Spectral Edge with its photos enhanced by infrared. This could be due to a reduction in the size of the sensors after the battery protection module has shrunk, leaving more room for larger batteries.

Finally, this could be in the context of a search for lower costs. Corridor noises indeed announce an iPhone SE2 in 2020. This smartphone would be cheaper than the rest of the range and would be particularly intended for iPhone 6 and earlier owners not needing the advanced technologies present in the iPhone 11 and whose system is no longer updated. It will therefore be necessary to wait in order to have a more precise idea of ​​Apple’s projects in 2020. The Mobile World Congress takes place in 2 months and if the brand does not participate, it should not remain invisible during this period.

Source: Ubergizmo