iPhones 2019: Larger Batteries for Two-Way Wireless Charging

iPhones 2019: Larger Batteries for Two-Way Wireless Charging

iphone xi 2018 iconApple's XI 2019 iPhones will feature a bi-directional induction charging feature that will allow the iPhone to charge another iPhone and other devices such as the 2nd Generation AirPods (or with the latest wireless charging box), confirm again the analyst specializing on Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo in a new note.


Bilatrial induction charging: Higher capacity batteries for iPhone

TheThree new iPhones – XI, XI Max and XIr – will have larger and larger batteries to fulfill the bilaterally charging function, he said. Kuo. this is not the first time the analyst has mentioned it, as recently as last week, Kuo had already briefly described this feature.

We expect the new diPhone 2019 models to support bidirectional wireless charging. Although the iPhone is not the first high-end smartphone to be equipped with a two-way wireless charging, this new feature could make it more convenient for users to load new AirPods and create a better iPhone experience. AirPods.

To enable bidirectional wireless charging, Kuo said the size of the iPhone's battery was going to increase, as well as its capacity: the battery of the iPhone of 5.8 inches (successor of lOLED iPhone XS) will increase by 20 25% and that of the model of 6.5 inches (successor of the iPhone XS Max) 10 15%, while the successor of the iPhone XR should increase only very little, Kuo forecasting a growth of 0 5%.

This feature is not new, Samsung has already introduced into its smartphone Galaxy S10 2019, but on an iPhone, the function will take a different dimension.