iPhone XS & XS Max: less battery life than iPhone X!

iPhone X autonomie - iPhone XS & XS Max : une autonomie inférieure à l

During its last keynote of September 12, Apple assured that the autonomy of the new iPhone XS and XS Max would be better than that of theiPhone X. However, the first tests prove the opposite.

If the apple brand says that the new A12 processor engraved in 7 nm offers a gain of 30 minutes for the iPhone XS and 1:30 for the iPhone XS Max, it is absolutely nothing in real conditions. Tom’s guide has tested internet browsing and its impact on the autonomy of the iPhone and tells us that the results have nothing to do with the statements of the Californian company…

iPhone X autonomy - iPhone XS & XS Max: less autonomy than iPhone X!

On the graph produced by Tom’s guide, we learn that the autonomy of the iPhone XS Max is 10:38, and that of the iPhone XS is 9:41. The iPhone X, meanwhile, held 10:49. However, it is specified that the next updates of iOS 12 could improve the lifespan of the batteries of the latest iPhones to approach what the brand announced with the apple.

As a reminder, Apple has lowered the battery capacity of the iPhone XS. The latter has a battery of 2,658 mAh, while the iPhone X offered 2,716 mAh. It is a choice that seems strange in view of the performance of the XS model.

Battery life iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs Competition 739x543 1 - iPhone XS & XS Max: less battery life than iPhone X!