iPhone XS & XS Max: charging problems on certain models

iphone xs problemes recharge 1024x576 - iPhone XS & XS Max : des problèmes de recharge sur certains modèles

Released a few days ago, some iPhone XS and XS Max seem to have charging problems. The two smartphones would not always charge when they are on standby.

Many users have invaded Apple forums to express their frustration with the problem. In addition, Youtubeur Lewis Hilsenteger published a video on his Unbox Therapy channel to present this flaw. In his video, he assured that ” iPhone XS has a serious problem… “

iphone xs recharge problems 1024x576 - iPhone XS & XS Max: recharge problems on certain models

During the demonstration, Youtubeur tried to charge four iPhone XS and four XS Max. We learn that two models of the first smartphone and three of the second do not react to connection. The charging process does not start when the phone is in standby mode and the cable connected, knowing that the screen is supposed to light up to inform the user that the charging process has started. In some cases, loading will only start if the user taps the screen.

Where does the problem come from ? Some people think that there is a problem with the “USB accessories” setting. Others turn to the software side. But Apple’s lack of response does not rule out the possibility of a material defect …