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iPhone XS / XR: Belkin releases a protective film that defends your privacy

Phone in hand, have you ever felt spied on in the metro, on the train, in public transport in general, or even in the street? Have you ever had the impression that someone was watching your messages, your activity on your smartphone? Unless you are this someone, and in this case, we understand you, because it is far too tempting to look at the screen of others.

That said, the brand Belkin, specializing in the creation of accessories for smartphones, has just released a protective film for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max which could well counter you, or counter those who allow themselves to analyze your digital activity from every angle. Belkin has indeed marketed a film that darkens your screen if it is not in front of your eyes.

Belkin iPhone XS Screen Protector - iPhone XS / XR: Belkin releases a protective film that protects your privacy

Advanced bilateral filtration technology provides maximum protection of confidential data on your screen “, Apple says on its site. ” In portrait mode, your screen remains protected from prying eyes. You can always share your content in landscape mode. You can also look at the screen from bottom to top for navigation Adds the description.

Then in addition to protecting your privacy, the Belkin film offers a 9H hardness level, the highest level of protection against scratches possible. A great find that will cost you no less than € 44.95. All the same.