iPhone XS vs iPhone XS: an encouraging first drop test

iPhone XS Max Ecran Fissure 739x416 - iPhone XS vs iPhone XS : un premier drop test encourageant

When keynote September 12, 2018, Apple assured that theiPhone XS and XS Max are equipped with the most resistant glass in the world. And as is the case every year, some people buy new smartphones to test and verify the claims of the Apple. Everything was recorded on video.

iPhone XS Max 739x416 Crack Screen - iPhone XS vs iPhone XS: an encouraging first drop test

The first test carried out simulates a fall at the waist, as if the smartphone fell from the pants pocket. The iPhone X, XS and XS Max are unscathed. Then comes the second test, which simulates a fall in the head, as if the iPhone escaped from the user’s hands during a phone call. We note that the screen of the iPhone X is broken on a corner, while the other two models are doing almost without scratching.

The last test is to drop the three iPhones from a height of 3 meters. The screen of the iPhone X did not resist and cracked at the time of impact. As for the iPhone X, it is doing without any apparent damage, while the iPhone XS Max breaks when it falls face down. As a reminder, you should know that this is not a scientific test. In addition, many parameters can come into play when you drop your iPhone …