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IPhone XS takes on water … in photos #ShotOniPhone

IPhone XS takes on water ... in photos #ShotOniPhone

IPhone XS takes on water … in photos #ShotOniPhone – iPhone Soft

iphone xs iconNew promotional video for the Apple iPhone XS. Still in the category #ShotOniPhone, the new video highlights the photo skills, or rather videos of the high-end of the apple.

The two Apple-sponsored videographers captured images of moving water using their favorite smartphone. The result is magnificent, although the film behind the scenes of the shooting is even more interesting. As we are generous, we offer it to you at the end of the article.

The mini-clip is called Experiments III, and therefore follows Experiments II which was released two weeks ago.

experiments iii shotoniphone xs apple video

Experiments III: Apple Waterfall

Let your mind wander with our latest experiences. Commanded by Apple. #ShotoniPhone by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton from Incite in collaboration with WET.

Tourn on iPhone XS.

If you love music, this is Watercolors sign mmph.

Behind the scenes of Experiments III

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