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iPhone XS Max: lower network reception quality than its competitors

A recent test of PCMag reveals that theiPhone XS Max has a lower network reception quality than its competitors Samsung, with the Galaxy S10, and OnePlus with the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro.

The release of the last OnePlus 7 Pro of OnePlus is an opportunity to compare the reception levels of the latest smartphones on the market. Performed in collaboration with Cellular Insights, the test shows that the difference between the devices is played when a weak network signal is emitted. TheiPhone XS Max is then left behind, far behind the latest addition to the Chinese brand.

Note all the same that, when the network signal is good, the three mobiles produce similar results: the speed tests are, in this case, rather satisfactory for the firm with the apple. Little surprise in the ranking: LG V40 ThinQ dominates its competitors in situations of low network frequency.

The fault of Intel which equips products with a modem Apple. Conversely, smartphones Android use modem Qualcomm with whom the Cupertino firm had hitherto been in conflict. A situation which should evolve since Qualcomm and Apple have reached an agreement for the five years to come. US mobile technology company to supply future models iPhone in 5G from 2020.