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IPhone XR is available for rental at Free Mobile

A few weeks afteriPhone XS and theiPhone XS Max, free mobile added theiPhone XR to its rental offer. Niel’s operator only offers the 64 GB model for the moment, but in the 6 different colors available: black, white, red, yellow, blue and coral.

iphone xr black location free mobile 1024x674 - iPhone XR is available for rental at Free Mobile

For the price, the smartphone rental costs 229 euros for the order then 22 euros per month, with a commitment of 24 months. For the curious, the total after two years is 757 euros, whileApple sells the iPhone XR 855 euros. However, as it is a rental offer, the phone does not belong to you after two years. At the end of the rental, it will therefore be returned to the operator.

In addition, if you do not return the phone or if it is damaged, you will be charged 200 euros. Free Mobile can even block the device which will then be unusable. To avoid this, it is therefore better to take care of your iPhone XR! In addition, if you take it badly when leaving Free during the rental, the rate would be increased by 5 euros per month. The offer is available on the Free Mobile official website at this address. The 128 and 256 GB models are not borrowable, and are only available for purchase.