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iPhone XIII (2021): a concept with Touch ID under the screen

iPhone XIII (2021): a concept with Touch ID under the screen

iphone xiii 13 iconWhile the rumors about the return of Touch ID under the screen next to the future iPhone were quite vague, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently revived this assumption which is gaining ground. Between patents, competitors and customer expectations, we say that the fingerprint sensor from Apple must return to the next iPhone.

If it is not on the iPhone SE 2 destined for China in 2020, it will be in 2021, on the iPhone XIII – read iPhone 13. To imagine what it might look like, here is a concept which takes account of these information but also that which we already have on the iPhone XI and even the iPhone XII.

iphone 13 xiii 2021 geskin concept

A concept of iPhone XIII / 13, the model of 2021

Signed Benjamin Geskin, this concept of iPhone 13 is ultimately very simple in its design. One front panel covered with an OLED screen, and that's it. Yes, the notch has disappeared, as have the sensors that were there. The edges around the screen have also been refined.

In two years, Apple could very well master the techniques of camouflaging components such as the front camera, light sensors, proximity and other TrueDepth. Either by a system of transparent pixels on request, or by micro-orifices allowing the passage of light and information through strata dedicated to reverberation and transmission. We saw it in this patent.

For its part, the Touch ID under the panel would operate based on ultrasound, which has already been patented by the apple and even offered by competitors like Huawei and Xiaomi. It is not impossible that it coexists with the second generation Face ID, history of offering a wide range of solutions to unlock your iPhone in 2021.

Finally the back of this iPhone XIII does not differ from what we have seen so far on the iPhone XI. There is just a fourth photo sensor, certainly the ToF (time of flight) which would allow 3D pictures and an advance in terms of increased reality. If with all this, Apple finds a way to offer a largely improved autonomy, reverse recharging or even one or two other innovations, it can hope to start again on record sales …