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iPhone XII: a concept with a more edge-to-edge screen than ever


Posted: April 15 2019
Updated: April 14, 2019

by Steve

The iPhone have always fascinated crowds. So much so that most tech fans, after taking a few graphic design lessons, multiply the concepts. After relaying you 3D renderings of theiPhone XI, of the’iPhone XR 2, and other code names, World is Small will talk to you today about an iPhone XII concept. And the least we can say is that it is… surprising. It is also the only one to have no buttons and to have a REALLY edge-to-edge screen. A little too much, if you don’t mind.

IPhone Concepts, accustomed to delivering us with crazier concepts than each other, is loose today in this iPhone XII practically impracticable. The screen of this apple smartphone is so big and so edge to edge that it spills over the edges. The phone is not charged with a Lightning port, or even wirelessly, but squarely by distant waves! Thus, recharging takes place up to 20 meters from the phone. The back of the device, for the sake of personalization, can display different patterns.

There are also no buttons, either on the front or on the edges: they have all been replaced by touch zones. As for the function Photomove, it allows you to animate a completely static photo. In short, an improbable iPhone that has the merit of making people smile. Maybe one day we will get there after all. In the meantime, we will have to settle for the iPhone XI, which will have “only” a triple back photo sensor.

iphone xii concept - iPhone XII: a concept with a more edge-to-edge screen than ever