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iPhone XI: the Apple should be placed in the center of its back!

The famous keynote ofApple approach and rumors about the future iPhone from the Cupertino company abound! If the drafting of World is Small has already given you an update on the main rumors surrounding the iPhone XI, which should be available in three distinct models (normal, Pro and Pro Max), there is one that we had not mentioned yet, and which is just being confirmed …

What the iPhone 11 should look like, conceptually

According to the large American site Bloomberg, specializing in tech news, all iPhone XI should no longer have the mention “iPhone” on the back, yet so emblematic of the Californian brand. But in return, the apple, now legendary, should lower a little and end up in the center of the back of the iPhone. A choice that may not be unanimous but which wants to be coherent … and above all practical!

The iPhone XI should indeed be able to recharge and be recharged via its back. And the Apple logo should be an indication to properly place the devices. Thus, if you are a happy owner of AirPods, you will have to place the case on the apple so that it recharges. Not bad ! To see if this rumor is confirmed Tuesday at 19h, during the keynote which will be broadcast live on World is Small.