iPhone XI: screen usable underwater and new Taptic Engine?

iPhone XI: screen usable underwater and new Taptic Engine?

iphone xi 2018 iconAfter two first rounds around iOS 13 (and the AirPods 2), the developer Max Weinbach rather special on Android this time with information on the future iPhone XI.

These rumors have not yet been addressed, and therefore do not concern the triple photo sensor, the wireless reverse charging, or the Face ID version 2. This time, it is a new type of touch screen and a new vibration engine that could be found in September 2019.

taptic engine iphone

A waterproof touch screen and a Taptic Engine 2.0

Max confided in YouTubeur EverythingApplePro talking about future iPhone XI. According to him, Apple has planned a waterproof touch screenunderstand that it will be possible to use it in the rain and even under water.

The other point concerns the vibration motor, the Taptic Engine which would pass the second. Appeared with the iPhone 7, it would ship a directional haptic vibration system. This means that returns can be located in a specific place. It would be ideal to improve the experience during the games for example and especially to remove the missing 3D Touch dj component of the XR. It remains to verify this information in the coming weeks or months.

Finally, Max confirms once again the arrival of a night mode in iOS 13. At least a is sr.