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iPhone XI: no “iPhone” mention on the back, matt appearance and green color expected?

TheiPhone XI is without a doubt the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Certainly, the phones of Samsung or from Huawei are still widely acclaimed by critics and users alike, but Apple branded devices still have that little something that excites crowds and the media. The iPhone XI is no exception to the rule and many are waiting for it. This expectation inevitably generates multiple rumors. World is Small you relay a new one today, which would come from an employee of Foxconn, subcontractor Apple which assembles the brand’s iPhone with the apple…

According to him, the new iPhone would no longer carry the mention “iPhone” on the back, which gives an ultra premium side to the device. No reason was mentioned for this possible deletion, Apple perhaps believing that the silver apple was already enough to recognize the phone among all the others on the market. Moreover, this same back should have a matt appearance, to the delight of users.

Regarding the colors of this iPhone, the number 11 should have a green color, more exactly dark green. A rumor already mentioned in May. A lavender color was also suggested during this period. We imagine that the colors are rather the responsibility of the iPhone XR2, if it exists, but you never know. Finally, the successor to the iPhone XS Max should have the right to a battery of 3969 mAh (against 3174 mAh currently), and the proposed storage should be the same (64, 256 or 512 GB).