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iPhone XI Max: handling of a clone… running on Android

IPhone XI, XI Max and XR2 raises many expectations from the most fervent defenders of the apple brand. What will they take on? Will there be a noticeable difference with the previous models? What will be the price range, Apple being affected by a drop in sales? What design will they have? So many questions for which we don’t necessarily have an answer … Except for the last! According to numerous leaks (props, on Youtube, etc.), the iPhone XI offers a design with a square photo sensor on the top left of its back.

A video posted on Youtube tends to confirm, once again, this rumor. In the images shown, we see a user testing three clones of the iPhone XI Max in space gray, silver and gold. With a premium finish, it looks like real iPhone … except that they are clones running on Android.

Fake or inspiration from real design? In any case, this design with a rectangular sensor on the back has already appeared many times. Besides the design, neither the characteristics of this clone, nor the power of its camera were revealed. The Android system used is very close to iOS.