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iPhone XI: better haptic feedback and a touch screen even underwater

Ah theiPhone XI… It unleashes all passions. With a iPhone XS and XS Max who ultimately did not bring much new compared to a iPhone X, fans of the apple brand expect the iPhone XI (its code name before it is announced) as a potential messiah. So if Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst specializing in announcements of apple devices, indicates that he should have a triple photo sensor, EverythingApplePro, a YouTube channel that has repeatedly distinguished itself by its exclusive information, reveals two rumors that could be crucial in the eyes of iPhone users.

iphone xi - iPhone XI: better haptic feedback and a touch screen even underwater

So, EverythingApplePro initiates a corridor noise never heard before. According to a leaker considered “reliable”, the Youtube channel suggests that the next iPhone XI could have technical innovations to say the least enticing. Thus, the Taptic Engine, a small engine that gives consistency and vibration to the phone, could make a comeback in an improved version: its vibrations would be much better located on the iPhone screen (a vibration on the left of the screen would appear by pressing on the left of the screen).

Another novelty, and not least: the touch screen could work even underwater. Apple would indeed have found how to keep the tactility of a screen even in a humid environment. And finally, last but not least, the AirPods 2 would load much faster than the AirPods 1. Yet another rumor that confirms the previous ones, suddenly …