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iPhone XI: Apple would not offer USB-C or fast charging

Finally, theUSB-C will (still) not appear on the next iPhone. According to information from the Japanese site Macotakara, Apple seems determined to keep its famous port Lightning, functional but aging. A difficult choice to understand, given the universal adoption of USB-C in all high-tech sectors.

iphone x usb c - iPhone XI: Apple would not offer USB-C or fast charging

In addition, the apple brand would continue to rely on its usual 5W charger (and not one more). In other words, the future buyers of theiPhone XI still will not be able to benefit from the fast charge, already present for a few years on Android smartphones, and whose MacBooks benefit! At more than 1000 €, iPhone owners were however entitled to hope so. For their part,iPad Pro has a 12W charger, while the Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers a charger of… 40W!

Some idealists hope that this choice will bring prices down, as Tim Cook wanted to introduce a few weeks ago. For its part, World Is Small rather than it is a way for the apple brand to preserve the use of their exclusivity, the Lightning port. The latter remains one of the emblematic symbols of the iPhone, and removing it would mean that the Cupertino company “lowers” to do like its competitors. So, economic or marketing interest? We will know in the coming months, with the iPhone XI which should be announced around September 2019.