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iPhone XI: a triple photo module planned, but no 3D laser sensor

Apple gives in to the sirens of Android cameras: iPhone XI Max »Would therefore adopt a triple photo sensor on the back. At least that’s what TechRadar says in a more than informative article. The iPhone XI, and its possible version R, is not sure to receive the improvement. They would therefore keep a double or even a single photo module.

According to the American site, the third sensor of the “iPhone XI Max” would allow wide angle shots, like what the Mate 20 Pro chinese Huawei. An AI could also accompany the phone’s photo application, in order to “reconstruct” pieces of images that were initially not framed.

iphone xi triple sensor prototype - iPhone XI: a triple photo module planned, but no 3D laser sensor

Another novelty, which should concern all iPhone of 2019. The Live Photo functionality would be brought up to date with a longer capture time. If today we can only see the 3 seconds before the photo is taken and the 3 seconds after the photo is taken, the new iPhone models would allow us to see up to 6 seconds before and up 6 seconds later.

On the other hand, Apple would ignore the 3D laser sensor, to integrate it into the iPhone of 2020. This technology would have made it possible to analyze elements of the environment up to a distance of 4.5 meters. Just that.